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Rules, Terms and Conditions!

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Rules, Terms and Conditionn

Dupe Accounts:

  • Do not create dupe accounts. 1 account per user/IP is allowed.
  • Do not make dupe account for increase your rep. It will get your both account permanent ban.


  • Advertising any other forums / sites in public or via PMs, is not allowed.


  • We do not allow temporary email domains like 10minutemail, yopmail, etc.
  • Do not spam the board, with useless posts, to increase you post counter. If you like a post, you can give a positive rep to the user.

CrackingItaly Posts:

  • Posting and Talking on the CrackingItaly should be only in ENGLISH (& italian).
  • Posting should be made in the Correct forum. So, you can find the correct form tutorial in every section like sentry config section, account sections
  • Use "Code" BBCode for Posting Links.
  • Leeching of any data from CrackingItaly to other site is strictly not allowed.

Posting In Premium Account Areas:

  • Use HIDE/BBCode in Posting.
  • Password Changing is strictly prohibited. Password Changer will get a Permanent ban without any Information.


  • Do not spam or advertise in the SB.
  • SB is a place for members to talk with other members and have fun at the same time.
  • No Arguing with Staff members.
  • Requesting in SB is stictly Prohibited.


  • No Requsts IN ShoutBox/PM, you can make Your Requests HERE , or if you are VIP HERE.
  • Be clear while posting your request.
  • Do not spam the requesting section.
  • Inform any staff when your request is completed.


  • Selling of Bank Related items is strictly prohibited.
  • Give complete information of you stuff for selling.
  • Try to keep MarketPlace clean by contacting any staff to help them remove the completed sales thread.
  • CrackingItaly takes NO responsibilities on ANY transaction that occurs at any time.
  • Only use your own account for buying and selling.
  • Report the fraud immediately to any admin/mod.


  • Language should be only in ENGLISH (& italian)
  • Do not use bad language in forums. Even if you feel that a user deserves it, just report him instead of starting a fight with him.

URLs & URLs shortener links:

  • Do not post your accounts & sentry configs on filehosting sites. You can only with Hitman configs.
  •, Linkbucks,, other sites not allowed

Bank accounts:

  • Not allowed to share paypal and other Bank/Government accounts and configs too.



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